Intranet VPN

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Flexibility in control and settings

Web – based access without preinstalled desktop software – to control this solution you don’t have to install any software-stuff or configure hardware. Just open required page in your web browser.

Ability configure and monitor everything – access politics, security protocol errors, access logs and other. Besides – all this changes are applied immediately.

Remote control ability – add new users, remove old ones, monitor your network in real-time, change politics wherever you are.

High security

All the security stuff are placed on crypto – flashdrive – such solution significantly improves security so even if one of the client – boxes are compromised – this doesn’t mean anything.

Network – layer work – not just only payload of the packet but the whole packet are encrypted

Elliptic curve – based key exchange protocol – this key agreement protocol allows to establish a shared unique session secret key over an insecure channel

Fast and easy rollout

High mobility – all the solution is represented as a little box which is ready to work just immediately after connecting it, so you can take it with you wherever you want.

No permanent setups for each new device – just connect device to your machine – and you are in your company’s Intranet.

Simplicity of rollout and further scaling of network – there is no need for general user to spend time and money to documentation and support. All they need – just remember password from their crypto-flashdrive with security stuff.